Few games invent the entire genre, but Limbo in the 2010s can justify ownership of the space marked “2D Gothic Chiller.”

Bristol-based developer Spiral Circus, the creator of ilt, has spent hours pondering Limbo’s monochromatic darkness for this eerie-themed underwater take. Featuring divers exploring the surreal and dangerous sunken world, Silt checks all regular boxes. Use your imagination to fill many gaps with wordless explanations. Or crush you.

A big twist here is that divers can temporarily inhabit nearby fish bodies and use them to solve puzzles. So, for example, piranhas can help chop ropes, hammerheads can smash obstacles with headbutts, and electrophorus can power machines. You may need to switch between some fish as you cross messy corridors, yawning crevices, and gated caves.

Silts are a laid-back attempt to tell a story, divers can only occasionally speed up, and puzzles require little quick reaction except once or twice. However, Silt, who has established a moody visual and uneasy atmosphere, is a little leaning towards an opaque story. The locations are often impressive, but it makes little sense as to how they are connected to a comprehensive plot.

For just € 15 on most download stores, it’s no surprise that Silt easily abandons the secret in just a few hours and has little reason to play. It’s not comparable to the true brilliance of Limbo, but it has a slightly deep and attractive charm in itself.

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