Simon Cowell admitted he was “really unhappy” and overworked until his son was born eight years ago.

The music mogul and television personality behind Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor said that before the arrival of Eric, son with fiancée Lauren Silverman, he was “into his work”. I was obsessed,” he said.

“Before Eric, my life was 99 percent work. I was obsessed with it,” the 63-year-old told The Sun.

I was really unhappy.But now that I have Eric, I don’t work through the night anymore.Simon Cowell

“I got to the point where everything was like, ‘If you don’t appreciate this, you’re a failure,’ and I stopped enjoying what I was doing and was miserable the whole time.

“I was obsessed with beating the competition.

Cowell said his work ethic would compel him to come up with “silly ideas like the 6-chair challenge” for The X-Factor, which ended in December 2018.

“Should we have ended the show sooner? Maybe. Yes, we could,” he said in the newspaper.

“Last year was an ego-driven year. We had to be better than everyone else, but I didn’t enjoy it.


February 2014: Cowell and fiancée Lauren Silverman’s son Eric was born in Ian West, Pennsylvania.

“I was really unhappy, but now with Eric, I don’t work through the night anymore.

“God knows what would have happened if he hadn’t come.”

Cowell previously said he was “afraid” that running a production company would burn him out, so he put his health first and spent more time with 8-year-old Eric.

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As a result of the reduced workload, I was able to spend more time with my son, picking him up from school and having dinner with him every night.

Two serious e-bike injuries in recent years, including one where I broke my back in August 2020, have also given me more time with my family.

His latest comments come after his latest project launched on Wednesday.

StemDrop grants TikTok creators around the world access to exclusive musical “stems” and invites them to produce their own versions of brand new songs written by prolific hitmakers.

Led by Swedish record producer Max Martin and backed by Cowell, Psycho Entertainment and Universal Music Group, the project has been described by Universal Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sir Lucien Grange as “musical collaboration, curation and artist development. It is explained that it brings about a new evolution of discovery. .

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