Singapore: Singapore Post (SingPost) launched a second set of stamps on Friday (June 17th) featuring five popular mascots that “Singaporeans know and love”.

The first set of stamps released in August 2020 was “a big welcome from collectors and members of the Singapore community, many of whom grew up in those mascots,” SingPost said in a news release.

The new set includes Merli from the Singapore Tourism Board, Smiley from the POSB squirrel, Water Sally from the State Water Authority PUB, Blood Buddy from the Singapore Red Cross, and Teamy the Bee, Singapore’s national productivity movement mascot in the 1980s and 1990s. is included.

Stamps are worth S $ 0.30 or S $ 0.80 respectively and will be sold at all post offices, stamp collectors, and online from Friday. Pre-cancelled first day covers are available for S $ 3.95 and presentation packs are available for S $ 5.

Merli is based on the iconic mythical Merlion and was created by the Singapore Tourism Board in 2018.

POSB’s smiley squirrel is the face of the National School Savings Campaign, which has been teaching children to save money since 1983.

Watersally is the sister of another PUB mascot, WaterWally, introduced in the first series of mascot stamps.

As a blood donation mascot, Blood Buddy has regularly participated in mobile blood donation drives and outreach activities since 2005.

The last of the five mascots in this series is Teamy the Bee, a productivity icon that retired in 1999.

SingPost’s first mascot stamp set also featured Singa’s Courtesy Lion, Sport Singapore’s Nila, Community Chest’s Harity Elephant, and the clean, green mascot Captain Greenthefrog.

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