Singapore: Singapore has been assigned more places for this year’s Mecca pilgrimage after being given 407 quotas in early April.

The Singapore Islamic Religious Council (MUIS) said on Monday (June 20th) that it would allocate locations to potential pilgrims already enrolled in the Mecca pilgrimage at the MUIS Advance HajRegistration System.

MUIS said it will need to check all locations in the coming days and will also contact potential qualified pilgrims to provide locations and take necessary steps. rice field.

MUIS is also working with appointed travel agencies and Saudi authorities on all arrangements to accommodate this increased delegation of Mecca pilgrimages.

“(MUIS) calls on everyone’s continued prayers for the safety and success of this year’s Mecca pilgrimage.”

In response to CNA’s question, MUIS is currently working with Saudi authorities on additional space for the Mecca pilgrimage and added that it will share the final number assigned “on time”.

Vaccinated pilgrims

Muslims in Singapore can perform a Mecca pilgrimage this year. Singapore previously allocated 407 out of 850,000 quotas for international pilgrims.

As Saudi Arabia previously announced, pilgrimages are limited to vaccinated Muslims under the age of 65.

You must also submit a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within 72 hours of your departure to the Kingdom.

Given the postponement of the Mecca pilgrimage of Singapore pilgrims over the past two years, MUIS is due to make a pilgrimage in 2020 and is currently limited to those who meet the conditions and requirements of the Mecca pilgrimage 2022. Announced that it will reassign the quota.

“All other pilgrims in the pre-Mecca pilgrimage registration system will be automatically queued for Mecca pilgrimages in subsequent years,” MUIS added.

“All pilgrim qualifications performed each year are subject to the conditions and requirements mandated by the relevant Saudi authorities.”

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