Lee said construction activity had returned to near pre-COVID levels and the workforce situation was stable, with BCA on track to meet projected demand of S$27 billion to S$32 billion this year. said it was progressing.

But the lessons from the pandemic have also prompted a rethink of how the industry can transform, Lee said when launching the refreshed built environment ITM.

“We didn’t start from scratch. This updated BE ITM builds on the progress we have made under our Construction ITM and Facility Management transformation plans,” he said.

“But we now intend to do more to integrate all these efforts and adopt a building lifecycle approach to transformation.”

Integrated design and planning

The industry is encouraged to adopt integrated design and planning and joint contracting practices before consolidating construction facilities.

BCA facilitates the adoption of integrated digital delivery that enables stakeholder collaboration through digital platforms.

It also promotes the redesign of traditional contracts to motivate parties to work together, build trust and promote risk sharing.

Seven agencies have identified nine upcoming public sector projects to pilot joint contracts, Lee said.

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