Singaporeans in Bangkok were reportedly “assaulted” by tuk-tuk drivers in a dispute over fares on Friday (September 2).

Stomper M shared a video of the incident and said:

The video shows a man next to a tuk-tuk pointing at someone with a camera and shouting angrily. The video also features a woman trying to calm a man down.

Stomper says:

Central World is a shopping complex located in the capital of Thailand. BTS stands for Bangkok Mass Transit System. BTS Surasak and BTS Chong Nonsi are the station names.

@bkkdiaries BKK tuk tuk driver demanded more money. I didn’t agree, so he quit halfway through and became violent.

Stomper continued: BTS pays him his 160 baht as agreed with Surasak.

“He stopped the tuk-tuk outside BTS Chong Nonsi and didn’t want to drive any further. We got off the tuk-tuk.

“He asked for 200 baht. I disagreed and said we agreed to 160 baht to go to a condo near BTS Surasak. So if he stopped at the closer BTS Chong Nonsi, You should not pay more.

“He claimed we told him to go to BTS Chong Nonsi and kept yelling vulgar things: ‘F*** you’. I started recording.

“He didn’t ask for money, but I thought he was afraid we wouldn’t pay him, so I paid him 100 baht. I took the

“Even after that, he pushed me hard and tried to hit me, but I left. I told him I paid him a fair 100 baht.

“I didn’t want to fight any more, so I left.

“Then I went to Yang Nawa Police Station to file a police report. The Tung Maha Mek Police Department told me, they will file a complaint with the Department of Land Transport.”

This is the second incident in recent months in which a Singaporean has been involved in a fare dispute with a Bangkok driver who has turned “aggressive”.

In July, a taxi driver stabbed a Singaporean couple at the airport. He was subsequently fined and his driving license suspended by Thai authorities.

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