Other new cardinals come from Britain, South Korea, Spain, France, Nigeria, Brazil, India, the United States, East Timor, Italy, Ghana, Paraguay and Colombia.

Pope Francis, who chose men who mostly agreed with his vision of a more progressive and inclusive Church, asked the new cardinals to take an interest in ordinary people despite their high status, which put them in contact with the forces of the Earth. I told you to show me.

“Cardinals love the church and always carry the same spiritual fire with them, whether they are dealing with big problems or everyday problems, they are the powerful men of this world and the great and ordinary in the eyes of God. I am with people.

Sitting in front of the high altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis asked them to remember “poor families, immigrants and homeless people.”

He read sermons in a strong voice, often deviating from the script, and even joked about a Roman priest who knew not only the names of his parishioners but also the names of his dogs.

Elected Pope in 2013, Francis currently picks 83 of the 132 cardinal electors, or about 63%.

In each parish, Francis continues what one diplomat called an “Asian lean”, increasing the chances that the next pope will be elected from a region with growing economic and political influence. .

Asia has 21 Cardinals, according to the latest August 2022 Consistry.

The 85-year-old pope said in an interview with Reuters last month that if he were to step down for health reasons in the future, rather than die in office, he would not do so immediately. It means you can nominate many cardinals.

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