Sir Trevor Macdonald said he was “extremely lucky” to have a king who “leads the conversation” about the planet and has a “deep understanding” of all the issues involved.

Charles III was formally proclaimed head of state and televised for the first time on Saturday during a historic meeting of the Council of Memberships attended by his privy councilors at St James’s Palace in London.

Host Sir Trevor, 83, told ITV’s Good Morning Britain:

“We know that we have a King on the throne who is leading this conversation and has a deep understanding of all the issues involved. I think.”


King Charles III at the Council of Accession at St James’s Palace, London (Victoria Jones/Pennsylvania)

In 2006, Sir Trevor interviewed Charles for a documentary titled Prince of Wales: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Prince’s Trust.

he said:

“I remember him saying, ‘What people don’t understand is that I love this country so much, and I will do my duty.’ That is what we have seen in bright colors.He will be a great king.

“I think his deep love and respect for his work and respect for his mother, Queen Elizabeth, will guide him.

“He has a very pragmatic approach to some of these issues and will be a great encouragement. He will want to speak to those involved.”

The station said Charles’ speech delivered on Friday was “absolutely brilliant” and “especially poignant” when he mentioned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“The emphasis on continuity, smooth transitions. He hit all the right notes and did exactly what was expected of him as the new king. Awesome,” he said.

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Sir Trevor also said he had always been fascinated by the Queen’s “devotion and attachment” to the Commonwealth.


Sir Trevor Macdonald, Trustee of The Queen’s Trust and The Queen (Victoria Jones/Pennsylvania)

he said:

“At the time, there was a conference in southern Africa where there was a lot of fear of civil war in some parts of the world, and some people didn’t think she should be at the conference.

“Kenneth Kaunda, who was the head of government in Zambia, told me, ‘The fact that she chose to come here in this difficult situation is the reason why this federal conference even began. It succeeded.”

“I kept pressuring them about what she was really doing, asking if she was going to give an opening speech or rally the troops.

“They say she’s just here talking to the prime minister about what’s going on in her country and what the Commonwealth can help with, and she’s very aware of what’s going on in every country. I got

“Federal leaders thanked her for showing such interest and appreciated it very much because they knew what she was talking about.”

Sir Trevor added that despite being on the throne for 70 years, she was “the queen of all ages”, referring to comedy sketches with Daniel Craig and Paddington Bear.

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