Kalshae Matthews, Caitlin Hyland, Jasmin Brown, Sarah Medeiros, Ella Rouja, and McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett all participated in the Walkers Bermuda Summer Internship Programme.

A spokesperson said:

“Gaining valuable insight into the daily lives of Walkers attorneys and the demands of the international financial services legal department, each intern spent dedicated time in each of Walkers core practice groups: financial, corporate, commercial and Insurance, Bankruptcy and Dispute Resolution.

Karche Matthews, Kaitlyn Hyland, Jasmine Brown, Sara Medeiros, Ella Luja.No photo: Mackenzie-Cole Tuckett

“Legal interns are 10 selected individuals who participate in a structured training program focused on investment funds, regulation, fintech, private clients, trusts, bankruptcy, dispute resolution, finance, corporate and fiduciary services. Received personalized attention and guidance from an attorney at law.Interns, culminating in case studies presented to the partnership, developed soft skills such as negotiation, communication, and problem-solving that are critical to their success in the workplace .”

Rachel Nightingale, Senior Advisor and co-chair of the Walkers Trainee Committee, said: I am happy to meet such talented and hardworking interns. I hope to see them walking our halls in the near future. “

Natalie West, Senior Advisor and Co-Chair of the Walkers Trainees Committee, said: We are so impressed with this year’s interns and wish them the very best in the upcoming school year. “

Colin Knights, Natalie West, Karche Matthews, Caitlin Hyland, Jasmine Brown, Sara Medeiros, Ella Rouge, Kathryn Miners, Rachel Nightingale, Marasia Madden

Walker Summer Internship Bermuda 31 Aug 2022 (2)

Kalshae Matthews says: During my internship at Walkers, I was assigned various tasks in the fields of corporate and finance, fintech, and litigation. These tasks gave me a head start on what I was trying to learn in LPC and LLM. “

Ella Rouja says:

Sarah Madeiros says: With bankruptcy dispute resolution and company rotations, they allowed us to experience different areas of the field. I was able to get a lot of knowledge about advice as well. “

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