It’s been a miserable summer for Norwegian historic paddle steamers ski bradnerThe 166-year-old ship’s season started late due to low water levels in Lake Mjosa, where she sailed, followed by two major breakdowns.

Skibladner has been sailing on Lake Mjosa since 1856 and aims to return in 2023.Photo: Wikipedia

Now, MPs and several others are seeking additional financial support for the ship, known as “The White Swan of Mjosa.”To Andre Johnsen of the Progressive Party told a local paper Ringsaker Blood Funding was needed because so many cruises had to be cancelled.Skibladner normally has about 20,000 passengers each summer, but this year only 1,000 were allowed on board. The ship broke down twice because it had to be delayed.

On its final cruise in late July, 121 passengers and 17 crew members were humiliated to be towed to their home port of Gjøvik after the ship suffered what operators called “mechanical failure of the steam engine”. even had to receive. By August 1, the rest of the season had to be canceled.

Hopes remain high that sailing will resume next spring, once funding is finalized, repairs are carried out, and thaw and rains allow water levels at Mjosa to rise. “This is sad for both our passengers and ship owners. (AS Oplandske Dampskibsselskap)said chairman Björn Brichfeldt. He received support from all seven of his mayors in the towns around Mjosa, and from the government’s Ministry of Culture, he more than doubled his country’s income from NOK 2.8 million to NOK 5 million this year. Seeking help. Staff

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