The Bermuda Snooker Association has sent two teams representing Bermuda in the International Snooker League to Dublin. It consists of Sandy’s Boat Club Ones Paul Feden and Spanish Point Boat Club Twos Tyler Moniz.

Paul Sammin, the team’s third player, was gracefully lent to Bermuda from the host venue, Stephen’s Green Club in Dublin, as one of the regular Bermudian International players couldn’t travel.

Nonetheless, Bermuda made an impressive performance and advanced to the final, but lost to the Hibernian club’s Irish team 2-1.

Fedden claimed Bermuda’s victory in a single scratch event for the top 12 ranked players. It was an impressive performance when he returned from 2-0 and defeated Ian O’Mahony in New York 3-2 to win the prestigious single scratch title. The first Bermuda player to do so in the 50-year history of the tournament.

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