Snoonu’s latest initiative will allow all delivery bikes, whether they are Snoonu riders or not, to take a break and cool down between deliveries...

Qatar’s leading tech start-up has launched the Snoonu brand “Chill Spots” nationwide to provide delivery drivers with space for rest and hydration.

Each chill spot designed and operated by Snoonu features a seating area, a charging station, a fountain, and a refrigerator full of soft drinks and snacks. Free access to chill spots, snacks and drinks.

Spots are available in all regions of the country and are offered as part of the company’s commitment to staff benefits. It also ensures that bikers throughout Doha are comfortable and safe during the summer and all year round.

The company made headlines with public praise after announcing the “No Riders in the Sun” campaign last year.

“Summer heat is harsh for bikers, can cause heat stroke and dehydration, and poses a health and safety risk to everyone on the road. Snoonu protects riders and protects riders. We will spare no effort to ensure the best possible working conditions, “said Hamad Al Hajri, CEO and founder of Snoonu.

The latest initiative is in line with Snoonu’s ongoing efforts to find innovative solutions aimed at improving the working conditions of “superheroes.”

“During the summer, we decided to set up a’chill spot’around Qatar to support superheroes so that all delivery drivers could cool down and protect themselves from the heat between deliveries. Did. “

“We are very grateful to all our partners for supporting us with this innovative initiative aimed at protecting not only the bikers of Snune, but all members of the Qatar cycling community.” Al-Hajri added.

Snoonu is Qatar’s first one-stop shop application, facilitating online shopping, lifestyle, food and grocery delivery, and third-party logistics services for Qatar start-ups and small businesses.

The company recently announced that it has acquired the popular Omani distribution platform Akeed for $ 10 million. This is the first purchase of a startup outside Qatar and will enter the Omani market.

In addition to providing customers with seamless service and rapid delivery of goods, the company is a pioneer in helping the development of the local technology economy by encouraging innovation and revolutionizing local online services. ..

In November 2020, Snoonu launched its own 24/7 online grocery store, offering a variety of local products and supporting Qatari merchants.

Due to its extraordinary performance, Snoonu was named one of the best entrepreneurial businesses by “Najah Qatari” and one of Qatar’s most funded startups by Forbes Middle East.

Snoonu leveraged cutting-edge technology to create a seamless consumer experience and worked with Microsoft to move services to the Microsoft Azure platform to improve efficiency and productivity.

The company aims to be a delivery service leader and Qatar’s first superappli.

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