The Women’s Division of the Bermuda Football Association followed the Clyde Best Center of Excellence Field with a doubleheader that produced 17 goals.

Somerset Trojan Big Ballers 12-Young Men’s Social Club Lady Bluebird 1

At the opener, Somerset Trojan Big Ballers defeated Young Men Social Club Lady Bluebird 12-1.

The Somerset Trojan Big Baller scored a hat-trick from Eva Frazoni and Simmons Roudarel, and Giara Terry Smith scored twice, but also single strikes from Jaza Esmis, Daja Greaves, Emily Cabral and Riley Simmons. The goal of Social Club Lady Bluebirds came from Jahdaya Samuels.

PHC Lady Zebras 3 St. George’s Lady Colts 1

In the nightcap, PHC Lady Zebras defeated St. George’s Lady Colts 3: 1. PHC Lady Zebras received single strikes from Amber Probon, Dani Kawade and Tyler Wade, and St. George’s Lady Colts’ only goal was from Tiana. Muran.

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