Bermuda Football Association [BFA] Provided updates for the U23 League and Knockout Cup.

A spokeswoman said:

“Joshua Joseph led the zebra in the 18th minute. Kymani McNeil scored two goals to lead the Trojan. Arnezha Astwood leveled the score in the 83rd minute. Zeiko Saltus was injured afterwards. He scored in time and sent the Trojan to the semi-finals.

“U23 Knockout Continues on Monday, July 11th at Goose Gothling Field, BAA at Hamilton Parish WC at 7pm, Devonshire Colts FC vs. [WSSC] 9 pm Dandy Town. North Village receives the buy and automatically advances to the next round. The U23 KO Final will be held on Friday, July 22nd.

“The U23 league will end next week and league leader North Village CC will be in second place. [WSSC] We will decide who will be the U23 Summer Champion at Dandy Town on Wednesday at 9pm in Goose Gothling Field. “

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