The defeat by Mike’s track and the Western Stars Angels left as the only undefeated team in the Bermuda Softball League after Hakuna Matata Lions defeated Ragamuffin 17-2.

Hakuna did a short job for Ragamuffin in the B Division clash. AJ Durham [3-4] And Shannon Rainer [2-3] Teammates Jacob Hines and Scott Burns were both 3-4, and Hines had two triples. Tray Stevens was 3-3 and drove on both runs of Ragamuffin.

Team Smokey defeated FIUScared Hitless 24-15 in the silent prayer of former firefighter Jeffany’Smoky’ Fabler, who died in 2013.Tahira Hill was 4-4 on the plate, but teammate Albert Rameris [3-3] And Gerald Simons [3-3] The plate was perfect. Both Tawana Lee and Kyle Ball lost 3-4.

Mike’s truck fell from the undefeated rank to the Five Ooos in the C division with a 14-17 defeat. Five-O won nine runs in the first two innings and put the brakes on the track. Adam Matataru led with the first and second home runs. Matataru also collected 8 RBIs and hit a home run in the 5th inning.

Lead Off Man Khalid Pitcher [4-5] And Kisawade [5-5] It also helped stimulate the victory of the weak. Both Ray Martin and Jaylen Martin lost 4-4 on the track. Mike’s track rebounded later in the week when he defeated Hamilton Corporation 24-15 when he piled up 18 runs in his first inning.Sam outer bridge [3-4] The victory drove four runs home.Jarimin [5-5, 7 RBI] That was the average reason why this game was just as close.

Killa What had enough power to bring down the Oddballs 25-16.Lead-off man Troy Hall hits for the cycle [single, double, triple, and home run].. Hall recorded four runs in addition to two home runs.George Fabler [5-6, five runs] And Mike Smith [5-5, four runs, seven RBI] We also spent a large night for the winner. Kyle Harvey, Jeff Chisnell, Perry Dambrosio, Bryan Ruiz and Tyler Bordeaux were 3-5 on the odd ball.

Super Express doubled Butterfield and Barris 14-7. It was a lucky seven case for Express, who won that amount in both two and six innings.Chai Carrington [3-4] I picked up 5 RBIs for the winner. His teammates Garic Swainson and Dennis Joell were both 3-4.Quincy Bean [3-4] And Aaron Madiros [2-4, HR] He was the top batter of B & V.

The unblemished record in the Western Stars Women’s Division was a hit when they lost to the Rainbows 9-2. Both Adrienne Smatt and Stephanie Aaruajo were 3-4, so great defense and timely hits were the keys to Rainbows. Lead-off batter Keisha Eve had two of the star’s six hits while recording the run.

PHC Zebras defeated Hardknockz 14-9 thanks to two 6-runs. Zebras used the 14 free passes issued to them. Akanke Parsons recorded 2 out of 6 hits of PHC, and Parsons and Tawanary both drove with 2 runs.Sara Robinson [4-4]Raseen Durrant [3-4]And Vanessa Paulos [2-3] Everything was great on the Hardknockz plate.

In Category A, Moongate Brewers overtook Parake Flyers 23-21 in a top-notch battle. After Andrew Simpson, the Flyers scored six runs in the bottom of the seventh inning, pushing the game into additional innings. [3-4] Hit the base-Clear the double to connect the scores.Manuel Flores [5-5, 7 RBI 2 HR] Blowed up a 3-run ginger early in the inning. Moongate piled up big innings with a series of walks and singles before Mike Sakota. [3-5. 8 RBI] The Grand Slam put a hammer on the Flyers.Summer’s Cox [2-3] Plated 4 orchids for parakeet.

Fully loaded Allstars defeated X-Bats in a single run on the 20-19 thriller. The All-Stars made a comeback with 10 runs in the last two innings.Steve Simmons [4-4] Fully Loaded had a large 3-run Homer to help overcome X-Bats.Teammate Shakir Trot [3-4] It also contributed to a come-from-behind victory.Dan Andrade [4-4, 2 HR, 7 RBI] It was a big hit with X-Bats, Deepah Popat, Mike Trebing and Brett MacGillivey.

Bluewa Foods left Kings 16-0 blank.Chris body cavity [3-4, 2 HR, 7 RBI] Matt Katsch, Jeremy Etsy, and Shane Matchett all went 3-4, paving the way for Wahoos. Matt Ingleman was 2-2 for Kings.

There were no matches last night due to the weather, but I hope Michael Pries’ softball diamonds will resume play at 6pm.

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