The Ukrainian national team has arrived in Dublin as the war in their own country intensifies. They believe that their efforts in the field of play are closely followed by those in their home trenches.

After the World Cup dream lost to Wales 1-0 on Sunday, Ukraine will reorganize for a Nations League match against Ireland on Wednesday in Dublin. Free match ticket by FAI.

The loss of standing in the 2022 World Cup is clearly painful, but veteran midfielder Serhiy Sydorchuk lacks motivation for the match in Dublin given his hometown suffering. Say no.

“When we received feedback from Ukraine, when we learned that soldiers were watching our game in trenches, people are following us under the bomb, so it’s not hard to get excited about the game. It gives us great power and great inspiration, “Dina Mokib’s player said at a press conference before the training session at Lands Download on Tuesday night.

“Because this is our main team, I’m completely excited to play for the number one team in our country. When you are a young soccer player, you have a career at the age of 7 or 8. When you start, you. You do not support clubs or other teams. It is the Ukrainian national team.

“Especially now, everyone knows what is happening in our home country and what our people are experiencing. Our goal, our job now, is It’s not just going to the pitch and playing, but getting the attention of the whole world to emphasize it. We are Ukrainians, alive and fighting. “

The midfielder, lined up in Dublin’s 50th cap, outlined how the war affected him. “Basically, when the army bombardment started, we left Kieu with his family. My wife was 8 months pregnant, so our first job was for her to do it. It was to find a suitable maternity hospital to have children. Other parts of Ukraine are now experiencing it. “

Manager Oleksandr Petrakov makes changes to his side after two energy-stealing World Cup relationships between Scotland and Wales.

“I’m extremely tired when it comes to the players who participated in the Welsh match. I talked to them individually so that they were basically smiling and not showing how disastrous the whole thing was,” the manager said. Told. He said.

“I’m doing my best to support the players. I can’t feel disgust or sadness because life goes on. This is a thing of the past. It’s a Welsh match. Go ahead and forget. Let’s do this is soccer, this is sports, this is the way. “

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