On Thursday, the prices of many items on Vinmonopolet will increase. Some prices are rising sharply, but on average, price increases are lower than in other parts of Norwegian society.

Wholesalers who supply Vinmonopolet have the opportunity to change their prices three times a year, with the next adjustment on September 1st.

According to Vinmonopolet, prices have increased by an average of 0.76% since the last correction on May 1.

“The wholesalers who set the prices. Some go up, some go down. There are 7,924 new selling prices out of a total of 29,018 products, so most of the products stay the same price,” says a senior Vinmonopolet. Advisor Hege-Lill Hagen Asp told the NTB.

Vinmonopolet had pre-calculated that the average price increase would be less than 1%.

Over the last 12 months, Norway’s general price level has risen by 6.8%, according to the Consumer Price Index. According to Statistics Norway (SSB), the price level rose by 1.3% from June to July alone. Therefore, Vinmonopolet’s product recorded a lower increase.

Products becoming expensive

Among some well-known brands whose prices have increased are, for example, the 350-centimeter bottles of Baileys and Aperol, which have increased in price by 11% since the last price change. The price increase is from NOK 134.90 to NOK 149.90 for both products.

Some of the more expensive red and white wines are at the top of the list of the biggest price increases, but some lower-priced wines are also seeing price increases of up to 50%.

Ingun Joudheim, executive director of the Wine and Spirits Suppliers Association (VBF), said some price increases were expected.

“The situation is the same as in other industries. Glass, cardboard, cork, and especially logistics and transportation, everything is getting more expensive. Constant power issues are also affecting us,” she said. I was.

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