As part of Beijing’s new sanctions measures, some senior Taiwanese officials and lawmakers who support Taiwan’s independence, along with their families, have been barred from entering Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China.

As Xinhua News Agency reported, a spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee’s Taiwan Work Office said today (Tuesday) that several sanctions had been imposed on a group of “hard-core Taiwanese separatists,” including the president of the Executive Yuan. (Prime Minister) Su Tsengchang, President of the Legislative Yuan Yu Shikung, Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu Chao Shei, and the representative of the US island Xiao Bikim, and several lawmakers and politicians.

These sanctioned persons and their families will not be allowed entry into the Macau Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and mainland China, and their affiliates and funders will be allowed to engage in commercial activities with mainland China. Not.

As early as August 3, in addition to the list of “hard-core Taiwan separatists” individuals, the “Taiwan Democracy Foundation” and the “International Cooperation and Development Fund,” as well as several companies that have donated to the two funds, , was prohibited from engaging in any transactions or transactions. Cooperation with mainland China, ban entry to mainland China for corporate managers.

The Taiwan Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China today announced the expansion of the list. Those on the list and their families will not only be barred from entering mainland China, but will also be barred from entering her two special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong. Kong.

“Mainland China will never tolerate any kind of activity that divides the country, will never allow any external forces to interfere with national unification, and will never allow separatists seeking ‘Taiwan independence’ in any form.” It leaves no room for action,” the spokesperson said. .

The sanctions were announced after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in early August, beginning yesterday with a visit to the island of a US congressional delegation led by Senator Ed Markey.

Mainland China has also suspended exports of natural sand to Taiwan and blocked imports of Taiwanese citrus, chilled white scallops and frozen mackerel, as part of sanctions taken hours after Pelosi landed on Taiwan. .

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