Next month, Somerset will host a “Liberation Cup Match” walkabout, taking people to routes that include sites that tell the story of the past.

A spokeswoman said, “Sandy’s friends welcome the general public to share at Somerset’s Liberation” Cup Match “walkabout. Two Sunday morning walks are scheduled for July 3rd and July 17th, with July 24th scheduled as a rainy day in the event of bad weather on either morning.

“The walk starts at 8am. It’s sharp at Somerset’s Springfield, Bermuda’s national trust property, and must end by 10am. A group of friends can answer questions at the end of the walk. increase.

“This route includes sites that tell stories of the past … the pre-liberation era. The story of the Day of Liberation from 1834 to 1947 and the adherence to the” Cup Match “. The story of the Friendship Society of Somerset, who was directly involved in the creation of the “Cup Match”. The story of the early years and places of the Somerset Cricket Club. The story of the first “Cup Match”; the story of the relationship between West End Elementary School, Somerset Cricket Club, and “Cup Match”. And some highlights of the recent “Cup Match” history of the Somerset Cricket Club bring us to the 120th anniversary of the 2022 Annual Cup Match Classic … July 28, 2022 Liberation Day And July 29, 2022 Mary Prince’s Day.

“Parking will take place at Warren Simmons Community Field. Then walk to Springfield, just north of the Marketplace on the east side of Somerset Road. Along the walking route, enough for self-refreshing. Everyone is required to bring water.

“See you! For more information, email:”


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