Race 1 (2,200M)

The 8 Natural Storm was in shape and won well before this course and distance 3. He can make slots in the light and make a huge difference on this trip when João Moreira is back.

3 Rise Brethren has a little class about him and is favorably paired with Zac Purton. He is a threat.

2 The above knows what it is, especially at this course and the distance that has already won two wins in this campaign.

4 Kamex can be amazed. He should win and fight in two runbacks. The next best thing.

Race 2 (1,650M)

The 2 Circuit Elite is capable and needs to enjoy stepping down to Class 5. He was one of the few players who successfully closed his last start on the rain-affected ground and worked well. Expect him to take a step forward with this grade from Gate 1.

3 Cordyceps sinensis One is approaching its first victory. He is constantly improving and only needs to offset the wide draw.

8 This is charismatic and is always there. He had many chances, but he booked a ride and got another chance.

5 Daily beauty is in shape. The next best thing.

Race 3 (1,800M)

5 Soulmates can move forward and lead this group. He draws favorably and races well throughout the season with three wins. Expect him to get everything done at Lyle Hewitson.

3 Beluga has a class advantage in this group. He needs to make an attractive run from Gate 1.

1 Savquin can bounce. He is better than his last start struggle suggests.

2 Money Catcher is nothing but consistency, even though it hasn’t won in a different order. So don’t underestimate his chances.

Race 4 (1,800M)

1 Surrealism falls in favor of Class 4. He is very competitive in the above grades and needs to make the most of his time in this grade. Luke Ferraris knows him well and seizes the opportunity.

7 Chatterpin can mix his form, but on his day he has what he needs to win. Light weight gives him an edge.

2 The Kailas Unicorn, salute under the best Blake Shinn, returned two runs. He has a claim.

4 Lucky Diamonds have what they need for his day.

Race 5 (1,200M)

6 Shining Fortune had a perfectly permissible run on the final start. If he can get his best back two runs ago, he is the winner. He is improving and jumps from a much better draw under Parton.

2 Leslie is a light race, but it could already be a winner in Hong Kong. He knocked many smart runs together, and his best has him in the thick part of this race.

4 Almost swearing looks ready to perform a third up. His best is firmly supporting him. Put Vincent C Y Ho on and close his watch.

11 Harrier Jet is the next best thing.

Race 6 (1,650M)

9 Methane can spring up and form on dry ground. He has a little class and on his day he has what he needs to win a contest like this. Expect him to bounce under Ho.

There is no doubt that 7 Dragon Pride has already won four times this season. He holds his condition and is proven in this grade.

4 Big Two is nothing but consistency. He races a lot and is expected to compete.

10 Lizardon has a claim.

Race 7 (1,200M)

5 See U Again is closer to its first victory than ever before. If he can put it all together, he’s the winner, especially if he’s running close to the previous form.

The 7 Master of Luck was unable to make the final start to bear his name with a tight finish. He is improving and a clean run gives him a chance.

4 Holi Moli is working well in his trial and looks like a good place to influence first.

2 Excellent peers are after winning in a row. He is a race inform horse.

Race 8 (1,200M)

11 Kaishin Dragons get a chance without putting weight on their backs. Expect him to roll forward to get luck out of the equation, and from there he was able to prove that it was very, very difficult to get involved.

1 Be Ready is racing consistently and takes a step towards snapping the top 3 finish trio.

3 Special M is nothing but consistency. Moreira takes over and he claims.

9Xponential finds the right contest. He will get a chance close to speed.

Race 9 (1,200M)

The 4 Smart Idea was born out of the right yard and is in the shape of winning again this season. He closed well on the final start, and with a little luck he could have almost won the contest. He is getting a chance from Gate 4.

1 Drops Of God is competitive in the above grades. This is suitable as well as pairing with Moreira.

7 Variant Elegance is after 4 consecutive wins. He showed a stack of diversity at the final start by coming out of pace.

6 Classic Posh will be competing in this race at the right time. Expect another improved effort.

♦ Comments courtesy of Hong Kong Jockey Club

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