Madrid -Penelope Cruz won one of Spain’s top film awards for its contributions to Spanish cinema, the Ministry of Culture of the country said on Monday.

Judges of the 2022 National Cinema Awards unanimously described the 48-year-old Oscar winner as “a symbolic actress with a brilliant heritage that enriches Spain’s cultural heritage” in the decision to honor a Madrid-born star. I am saying.

“She concentrates on her technique, pursuing the excellence of her work and allowing her to create some of the most unforgettable characters in the history of our films,” the jury said. I added.

The awards range from the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at Vicky Christina Barcelona to the Grand Prize at the Cannes and Venice Film Festival for her performances at Volver and Parallel Mothers. The latest to be added to the long list of praises. “

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez congratulated Cruz shortly after the award was announced.

“She is the embodiment of both Spanish and international films,” Sanchez tweeted, citing her “huge talent and extraordinary performance.”

Past winners of this award include actor Antonio Banderas and director Isabel Coixet.

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