Children ages 7-16 with an interest in animal welfare can volunteer through the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)’s new Youth Ambassador Program.

The program aims to recruit 1,000 young volunteers and provide enriching activities such as school vacation camps, where children can experience working with animals and communicate with them by reading to them. It is intended to improve performance.

Interested parties can sign up on the SPCA’s social media platforms beginning November 1st.

The organization previously accepted volunteers only from those over the age of 17.

SPCA Executive Director Aarthi Sankar said: Young people will lead the next chapter of animal welfare in Singapore. It is imperative that they have the right knowledge, experience and tools to build a more compassionate and inclusive community for all. ”

The program was unveiled at the SPCA Singapore 75th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday at the Sungei Tengah facility.

Approximately 600 people, including volunteers, supporters and members of the public, attended the event, which included guided tours of the shelter, workshops for youth, and meet-and-greets with shelter animals.

Edwin Tong, Minister of Culture, Communities and Youth, who attended the event, congratulated the charity for its many years of work in animal welfare.

He said the new program will increase the SPCA’s pool of volunteers from the current 400.

“(This move) is consistent with community efforts to involve young people and young people through various platforms to give back to our society.”

Tong said the program is related to the Unite pillar of the Forward Singapore exercise, which focuses on Singaporean identity and is “all about the heart and soul of our community tomorrow.”

Organized under six pillars, the year-long Forward Singapore Exercise aims to understand the concerns of Singaporeans, review policies and implement changes.

“As we work with young people, including SPCA Youth Ambassadors, to give back through volunteer opportunities, young people learn new skills that give them some exposure and help them navigate their future. helps,” he said.

“The strong bonds we forge with fellow volunteers and organizations can bring people from all walks of life together and strengthen our common Singapore identity.”

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