About a year after the typhoon “Yamatake” hits Macau.

《Shoshin》August 2022 special issue | “Tenko” 5th anniversary

A few weeks after the passage of “Tenko”, Macao suddenly appeared and became a thousand people “meteorologist”.

Human awareness of Hong Kong will disseminate 10 windball information more quickly, making the situation more complex and more controversial.

One year later, Hiroshi Takagi, Yi Xiong, and Fumitaka Furukawa, three researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology published a series titled “2017 Typhoon Pigeon Track Analysis and Storm Surge: Appropriate Timing of Warning Signals Issued in Macao and Hong Kong” Was it?” paper, a common conclusion, “The decision to take the hot band air pressure confidence, balance the decision of the two regions. Noh corresponding rapid ground tone high (at least in Macau)”.

Alternative reason: The situation is complicated, and the situation is delayed.

The case caused huge repercussions and was even associated with the court. Early in the year before “Tenko” was born, Tokito’s meteorological bureau director Feng Zuikong was appointed as the cause of the incident, and the vote was rejected.

Two months after the “Tenko” incident, there was a considerable amount of concern about the lack of decision-making and perfect internal affairs on August 23rd.

“The meteorological bureau’s predictions of the weather forecast and the impact of the wind in Macau, and the lack of joint discussions, research and business opportunities, and the former head of the meteorological bureau’s personal judgments and decisions”.

The government also clearly needs a corrective mechanism… Get an accurate warning in 2018: Storm storm warnings divided into 5 categories and at least 3 essential minimum time alerts.

At the same time, the requested wind speed was increased from 150 to 180 km/h, and separate new thermal belt storms were set: high winds and super high winds.

After modification, the mechanism was revived in September 2018 when a strong storm hit Mt. The question of whether the government’s response to the disaster during the ‘Yamatake’ period has improved.

“Between two winds and disasters, the most prominent area is ‘Yamatake’ compared to ‘Tenko’ in early 7th grade.” – Hiroki Takagi

“Similarity of wind strength and similarity of road length”, Takagi and others noted, “Between wind disasters, the most prominent area is ‘Mountain bamboo’ compared to ‘Tenko’ early 7th time, 8th wind ball report, crawling government. Considerable difficulty on the defense and defense side.”

Over the past two years, the Bureau of Meteorology estimated in September 2020 a new three-level storm warning (that is, “storm warning system”), with the intention of “corresponding social development, new requirements to reduce the impact of climate change and natural disasters.” ”.

“The goal is to improve the course of progress and forecast, reduce the impact of natural disaster creation,” stressed Liang Yongwon, director of the Bureau of Meteorology.

“Since 2017, the Bureau of Meteorology has been promoting multiple improvement and perfection measures, resulting in more effective geological impacts on the weather and weather conditions,” according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The meteorological bureau’s major refurbishment includes the “Ichichi automatic meteorological station and automatic water level monitoring station” in Jiancheng. mechanism. “During the impact of the hot zone or the construction of Taiwan, the Director of the Environmental and Exhaust Meteorological Bureau, the person in charge of the department and the person in charge of the report participated in the regular discussion, the full-scale visitor evaluation of the hot zone and the impact of the development of the hot zone,” China Meteorological Bureau, Dongguang Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the Four-way Conference, a collaboration between the Hong Kong Observatory.

Maritime Police System

“Negating the Possibility of Simultaneous Generation of Wind Storms and Sea Turbulence,” Published Last YearNumerical study on impact of simultaneous event of storm surge and tsunami in Macau and Hong Kong(Study on wind storms and tidal waves influencing numbers simultaneously occurring in Hong Kong) Photo.

Paragraph research simulated a set of “synthetic events”, parallel to the first needle-to-wind storm development numerical model enveloping progress modified, simulated wind storm and sea tidal simultaneous occurrence situation. On August 23, 2017, 12 plazas will start at 7:00 am.

The consensus of the researchers pointed to the “linear flood additional solution lowering the maximum water level and capacity, the long-lasting forecast of the flood rising to the peak of the Pearl River mouth”, resulting in the conclusions of Jinghua Wang and Philip LF Liu: “Coastal protection to maintain this area” “

In 2020, the possibility of a sea shore attack on the Lu Guan-Macao disaster is “very low”, but the meteorological bureau’s approved research and verification deposit system.

“Based on a number of evaluations, a 7th- or 8th-class earthquake occurred in Nankai or South Korea, and there is a possibility of three to four small earthquakes in Macao. Therefore, we need more research and good defense,” Tokito, Director of the Meteorological Bureau. Explanation.

Thus, this magazine interviewed the Bureau of Meteorology and said, “This instrument is currently in progress. The current staircase is one step ahead.”

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