……Affordable rating display, the world’s most popular destinations and Macao are one of the reasons why the tourism industry is extremely dependent and intimidating.

《Shoshin》August 2022 special issue | “Tenko” 5th anniversary

In the latest review report published a year ago, “Physical Risks of Climate Change Are Increasing Threats to Sovereigns” was done.

“Climate change is leading to increasing global temperature fluctuations, droughts, floods, windstorms, and other boundary weather events that will continue to occur. Sea level rise and ocean oxidation, biodiversity loss and ecological system destruction will continue to increase. wind,” in the words of reported authors Ed Parker and Kathleen Chengtan.

“Since the 1990s, natural disasters and geo-weather events have increased, especially floods and storms, which are easier to cause than dry droughts in certain areas.”

See also: Mulberry Mobik, Vietnam, Sagara, Sagara, Fang Gaiga, Thailand, etc., which are rated as sovereign nations, and have suffered huge losses in GDP from 2000 to 2020.

In this review report, Transparency Analysis Intergovernmental Commission on Climate Change (IPCC) Situation, Focus 2040-2059, Dual-series Preliminary Indicators and Climate Model Prognostic Physical Wind Progress Evaluation, Intermediate and Global to 2100 Mean temperature levels rose to pre-industrial levels, with amplitudes above 2.4ºC.

“If the travel destination is hit by a boundary weather event, long-term climate change leads to temperature or rainfall, biodiversity loss, or ecosystem destruction, or the beach is devastated. With less power, others may benefit.”

No source fee, proof of professional emphasis: The world’s largest national image, Macao’s tourism business.

“The global current conflict balance is zero (dash problem of the existence of a pipe). Adjustments can be painful.

roaring wind

“Floods are the most common natural disasters and boundary weather events.”

The highest average annual rainfall from 2011 to 2020 in Malai, Gersadalika, India, Nisya, Dangerous Mala and Fenglibin; Maximum rainfall and more efficient capture of wind storms. Flood winds are complex and allow many other factors to work together to determine the effectiveness of basic treatments such as high-peak events during the wet season, ground rainfall over major streams, storms, and flood control and drainage. . ”

High vulnerability to heavy rainfall disasters by weight, Hui Xuan has recorded the highest number of rainfalls for 5 consecutive days in 10 years and the highest number of rainfalls.

flood disaster

A report citing the World Bank analyzed the percentage of the population living on less than 5 rice in the ocean.

On this basis, Helan is the most vulnerable nation and has demonstrated a powerful ability to reduce water disasters over the past centuries.

Surinan, Ma Erdaifu, Macau, Yuenan, and Balin are also in a dangerous situation.

Low adaptability to climate change in Hong Kong

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