Various studies that progressed in 2018 revealed the existence of “post-memory disorder (PTSD)”.

《Shoshin》August 2022 special issue | “Tenko” 5th anniversary

1,876 students studying at Macao High School, one month after a true natural disaster encountered in Oshiro, South China. Effect on post-traumatic PTSD morbidity”.

Under the leadership of Bryan J. Hall, a large number of members of the Research Group (University of Macau, Global Society Department of Psychological Health Research) have come from home and abroad to China and the United States, experts and scholars.

The Science Corps noted: “There is a resurgence of emergency natural disasters and the resulting PTSD victims, but they are not yet definitive.

Conclusion 很清晰: The prevalence of orthopedic PTSD is 5.1%.

(Compared with this ratio, the prevalence rate among young people surveyed for 6 months after the typhoon “Andekoro” in the United States is low at 7.3%, and the rate for applicants is 9.4% 1.5-4 months after the typhoon “Haiyan”. “The rapid increase in the number of cases may be due to various factors, such as faster assessment methods, differences in rural populations, and differences in the severity of the disaster.”

The model after fundamental adjustment, male (both female) groups, family injuries, eye injuries to others, and wind riot periods, and PTSD breathing.

After the direct adoption of the adjustment, the content of social media related to disasters, indirect contact, drowning, residents’ emotional response, etc., and related information such as PTSD.

By comparison, we see more qualities and a much lower image of hero behavior, and a much lower percentage of PTSD sufferers.

Professor Wakayuga’s corps work is in “Tenko” post-disaster development, Ye Kang Ni Norihwa’s one-year evaluation “Pro-social behavior after Typhoon ‘Tenko'”, together with 288 adult Macao residents under investigation “Same mind and self-efficacy, emotional force and contact, social interaction”.

Completed the research dissertation submitted to the California Occupational Psychology College, Chongqing Alan International University (Hong Kong Branch Campus), completing the part of the doctoral degree in psychology at this school.

“Only one visitor suffered serious financial loss or damage, and most of the visitor’s residences suffered minor surface damage, but a year after the storm, the residents felt a sense of relief. – Kangni Ye

Ye Kang Nii Summary, According to this example, “Most of the reports of economic disadvantages and conflicts of interest are public business losses and housing damage.” About 42% of the visitors’ homes and water power services due to wind disasters; about 10 % loss of personal property other than the guest’s residence; about 23% loss on the surface of the guest’s residence;

“Only Liu Guan suffered significant property loss or suffering from one member’s visitor, and the majority of host country residences suffered minor cosmetic damage.

The author’s rating is the result of arranging the level of pseudosexuality of Tenko Isei according to the recipient’s causality.

As a result, 59% of the visitors who were in the flood immediately expressed their psychological strength.

Recipients described various Jomi warm-hearted behaviors after Kazekage. “After that and a year later, my friends and my friends are connected” thesis writing road.

Popularization of electronic stands

Kaga Yon’s leading team cites multiple studies, saying, “After the disaster, the tendency of the population to seek information about threats was a causal factor, and of course, it was a painful medium that could be touched by young people, and a counterargument was possible. The power of “other waterfalls”. ”

“Reciprocal reputational agreement model, our forecasted stormy intensity and visibility or predicated power, such as “Tenko,” media-based abuse power.

In various forms of media, “in mass analysis, only a small number of PTSD and PTSD cases are related.”

However, the Macao government reports that there are 250,000 home-use networks.

Therefore, in situations where there are other forms of mediation, those who are most affected by the wind will rely on the information of the sowing harvest wind assault and reinstatement operation consultation at the Power Station Plaza.

The conclusion is: “Explanation of the literary evidence of the current wealth that we have, after the natural disaster, the type of media used and the media received after the natural disaster.

However, the research team’s emphasis is on “attention to develop one by one”: more personal information (on-the-fly visitor information) and a picture of the heroic personality can prevent PTSD symptoms.

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