Car wrecked in a fatal accident, March 2016

(CNS): Chris Oren McLaughlin, 30, has evidence that a jury found in a coroner’s court on Wednesday more than doubled the statutory alcohol limit and ran at 97mph when colliding with a car. Hearing, he died as a result of misery. Seaview Road in March 2016.

According to local crash reconstruction expert Colin Redden, McLaughlin lost Toyota’s control near the blowhole as he headed west from the East End. Then, when he overcorrected, he went into a spin and hit a steel CUC pole. No other vehicle was involved in the collision that occurred early in the morning.

Chris Oren McLaughlin

The impact was so great that the car was crushed to just 20 inches wide when it wrapped around a utility pole that had moved 10 inches from a standing position. The coroner’s court heard that McLaughlin, who was disqualified from driving at the time and was not wearing a seatbelt, died from his head and several other injuries, and could have died almost in shock.

Redden explained that the crash was primarily due to the speed at which McLaughlin was moving and his reaction affected by alcohol, which is a common cause of local road accidents. Redden investigated more than 5,500 crashes locally during his career and stated that the combination of speed and alcohol was a common factor in many of them.

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