A 36-year-old man who has been suffering from financial difficulties since the Covid-19 pandemic was worried whether he could even retire at the age of 65.

In an anonymous post on the popular confession page NUS Whispers, the man writes that his non-local wife earns about $ 2,000 a month, compared to about $ 2,800 in the private services sector.

In his post on Thursday (June 16th), the man wrote that he had been looking for a job for over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic, but was unable to land a job that fits his educational background. increase. He was said to have no relevant experience or required qualifications, or the employer simply preferred young candidates.

After that, he managed to get a job in the private services sector, but he had to cut wages. The man added that his job would only offer him an increment of $ 80 to $ 150 a year.

“My concern is whether I can survive at this low wage. Consider whether my current retirement age is around 55. I don’t have much savings and cpf in residential OA either.” The man writes.

In his post, he added that he was trying to have children, so they could apply for build-to-order (BTO) apartments, and that due to his financial condition, resale apartments were out of the options. rice field.

“Recently, I’m worried about my finances and I’m burning out and depressed. I’m worried every day if I have enough money to retire after I’m 65. Earn 5k to 10k a month. Looking at my peers makes me more miserable and depressed, “the man writes. He added that he personally didn’t spend much money on food. To save money, he relied on eating two meals, or even one meal a day.

The netizens sympathized with his actions and advised him to review his finances. Here’s what they said:

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