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Spotify Technology SA announced on Monday that it has set up a safety advisory board to provide third-party views on issues such as hate speech, disinformation, radicalism and online abuse.

The group is already working on Spotify’s efforts to address harmful content with audio streaming services after a backlash earlier this year against the Joe Rogan Experience, which was accused of disseminating false information about COVID-19 by podcasters. Represents one step.

Eighteen experts, including representatives of Washington, DC’s Civil Rights Center for Democracy and Technology, Gothenburg University in Sweden, and the Institute of Technology and Society in Brazil, help Spotify develop products and policies and think about emerging emergencies. I advise you. problem.

Dustee Jenkins, Global Public Relations Officer for Spotify, said:

“And to avoid talking to them when we’re in the middle of the situation … Instead, we meet them quite regularly. These issues are company-wide. . “

The council is purely advice in nature, and Spotify can accept or reject that advice. Facebook’s oversight committee decides which case to review, but Spotify submits issues for the council to review and provide feedback.

Many of the participants, including Kinzen founders Mark Little and Aine Kerr, have already consulted with Spotify. Some, like Ronaldo Lemos, who helped create the Brazilian Bill of Rights, provide local expertise.

Sarah Hoyle, Head of Trust and Security at Spotify, said the advisory board wasn’t formed in response to a “specific author or situation,” but rather operates global services when threats are constantly evolving. He said he recognized the challenge.

“How do you enhance the in-house expertise you already have at Spotify and leverage these people in life’s work studying this? They are just like users. Creators like us who are active in markets around the world, “says Hoyle.

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