St. David advances to the Eastern Counties final after defeating Cleveland County on Saturday.

Playing in front of a huge crowd at St David’s Road, challengers Cleveland County won the toss and sent cup holders St David Cricket Club to bat in the second round of the Eastern County Cup 2022.

After rain prevented the match from starting at its scheduled start time of 10am, play finally started at 10:55 with St David Cricket Club down to 58 overs in their innings and Cleveland County down to 48 overs. I decided to chase. target.

St David’s Cricket Club were bowled out for 205, with opener Dean Simmons being the top scorer with 56. He hit his six fours and two sixes. Shakai Darrell he bowled 18.2-4-52-3.

In response, Cleveland County lost early wickets and were ultimately bowled out for 87. Stobel was the top scorer with 29. George O’Brien Jr. was the bowler’s pick for his club St David Cricket returning figures of 6.3-1-21. 4, Seth Campbell bowled 6-1-16-3.

Innings at St David’s Cricket Club

..twenty three [43] Christopher Douglas, Cushy Darrell, Dennis Masson
..56 [87] Dean Simmons LBW Dion Stobel
..twenty two [56] Oliver Pitcher Jr. LBW Dion Stobel
..00 [01] Shay Pitcher LBW Dion Stobel
..27 [51] Ricardo Brangmann Jr. Keith Holmes Jr. b Makai Young
..05 [24] Mikai Simmons c Clay Darrell b Shakai Darrell
..Ten [15] Drewonde Bascom Run Out
..02 [05] Justin Pitcher and Shakai Darrell
..40 [43] George O’Brien Jr. and Shakai Darrell
..13 [19] Seth Campbell, MacKay Young, Dennis Masson
..00 [01] Cejay Outerbridge Not Out
..07 Extra [5b-1lb-1nb]
205 57.2 Total of 10 wickets after overs

Wicket Collapse: 1-49 [Douglas]2-102 [Simons]3-102 [Shea Pitcher]4-103 [Oliver Pitcher Jr,]5-110 [Simmons]6-133 [Bascome]7-137 [Justin Pitcher]8-152 [Brangman Jr]9-199 [Campbell]10-205 [O’Brien Jr]

Cleveland County Bowlers

3.0-0-21-0 Mackey McGowan
18.2-4-52-3 Shakai Darrell
16.-2-42-3 Dion Stobel
4.0-0-17-0 Keith Holmes Jr.
7.0-1-28-2 Dennis Masson Jr.
6.0-1-22-1 Makai Young
3.0-0-17-0 Q’Shai Darrell

cleveland county innings

..07 [19] Clay Darrell and Seth Campbell
..00 [01] Kiosi Trott c Justin Pitcher b Seth Campbell
..02 [15] Q’Shai Darrell, George O’Brien Jr., Seth Campbell
..29 [Dion Stovell b Christopher Douglas
..13 [32] Keith Whorms Jr. Runout
..15 [09] Mackey McGowan and George O’Brien Jr.
..01 [14] Makai Young, Ricardo Brangman Jr., Christopher Douglas
..00 [010 Kristian Singh b George O’Brien Jr
..02 Dennis Musson c Christopher Douglas b George O’Brien Jr
..06 [03] Shakai Darrell LBW George O’Brien Jr.
..05 [08] Bryce Daniels Not Out
..07 Extra [6lb-1nb]

Wicket fall: 1-4 [Trott]2-12 [Q’Shai Darrell]3-12 [Clay Darrell]4-55 [Stovell]5-71 [Whorms Jr]6-71 [McGowan]7-71 [Singh]8-73 [Young]9-80 [Shakai Darrell]10-87 [Musson]

St David Cricket Club Bowlers

6.0-0-17-0 Sejay Outer Bridge
6.0-1-16-3 Seth Campbell
6.3-1-21-4 George O’Brien
5.0-0-27-2 Chris Douglas

Referees: Emerson Carrington & Bobby Smith
Referee: Roger Dill
Linnell Williams was the third umpire
Precious Smith was the fourth umpire

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