Stacey Evans Wins Public Service Excellence Award [PSEA] In May, the government said she “showed an extraordinary commitment to her role” with the transportation planning team.

A spokeswoman said, “Recently. [June 10]Transport Minister, Lawrence Scott and Dr. Derrick Bins, Head of Public Services, recognized Stacy Evans of the Ministry of Transport as the recipient of the May Public Services Excellence Award. [PSEA]..

“PSEA is a program aimed at encouraging outstanding performance and commending civil servants who have demonstrated good service delivery. Every month, individuals or teams achieve outstanding public services over the last 60 days. Is chosen for.

“Stacy is recognized for her work with the transport planning team. Her main mission as a provincial transport coordinator includes contacting the cruise ship industry to manage regular phone calls. increase.

“MS. Evans has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to her role, understanding the importance of visiting cruise ships to Bermuda’s economy and tourism. Cruises for the Spring / Summer 2022 season. In preparation for the return of the ship, she “beyond the scope of her mission” ensured all scheduled cruise ship calls and smooth disembarkation of passengers.

“MS. Evans continues to support domestic and international stakeholders in processing cruise ship passenger travel certification applications and finding solutions in the face of challenges and crises.” Assisted the Ministry of Health with the COVID-19 Health Protocol to create a practical in-vehicle solution for processing TAs at cruise ship ports.

Photo courtesy of: Communication Department // Mark Tatem

“She also coordinated a border control stakeholder meeting with 76 cruise ship stakeholders to ensure that all COVID-related requirements were met. Provides a consistently high level of support to all stakeholders, including senior management and port agents. [both local and overseas]Overseas COVID inspection facility.

“MS. Evans conducted a survey and learned about the process of participating in various overseas ports and test facilities to explore how Bermuda could improve its framework. Her findings are all relevant. Her efforts have contributed to the success of homeporting the Viking Cruise Line in Bermuda. “

Transport Minister Lawrence Scott said: I pay tribute to her efforts to successfully return the cruise ship’s port of call to Bermuda for the 2022 Spring / Summer season and wish her continued success in her project. “

Dr. Derrick Binns, Head of Public Services, said: “On behalf of public service executives, we thank you for your continued commitment to Bermuda. The outstanding service we continue to provide to local and international stakeholders is a true example of Bermuda’s renowned hospitality. Congratulations. Let’s continue to raise the level! “

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