Under the influence of macroeconomic factors such as the picture of the new crown flame, the real economy, and the unemployment rate of Macau, the maximum amount of salvage application is limited.

Sentence: Ken Rei

13,300 people

– Macau Unemployed Population in March 2022

In the near future, the owner of the mainland family has 8,500 yuan, and the resident of the hometown has been invited to work as a literary writer. Crawling is completed. “Unreachable” and “irrational” firewood fortress.

In the case of the stakes, the employment of the employment market in front of the employment market in the city of Oma, Ryojo City. New coronavirus epidemic affairs, negative impacts, special affairs, scholarship reform, prefectural government officials, etc.

Statistics, Bureau of Employment, Employment Affairs, 2022, 4.5% for the unemployment rate of local residents, the highest point since the global financial crisis in the beginning of 2009; Mine 值, Tatsu 3.5%; Yoike Tournament, Shiro City Employment Rate, Immediate Weekly Unemployment Class 35 Small Occasional Working Population 3.3%, Crisis Top Seasonal 5.1% Possession Improvement, but Far Higher Full Expression Preliminary 1%

University of Macao, University of Macao, Dean of the University of Macao, Dean of the University of Macao University of Macao’s subordinates’ tapes — — University of Macao’s unemployment rate. ”

Statistics 暨 暥 查 bureau 蕸 據 顯 mei, Macau City student 產 總 值 繼 2021 rebellion 18%, dai 2022 beginning season same-down 8.9%. 4 heads of the month, 36.2% of the total, and 204.5 of the table.


– The unemployment rate of local residents in March 2022

Quite unemployed

University of Macao, University of Macao, self-destructive explosion, government policy, entry / exit policy, home travel, tourism, and tourism. “Sequel” appointed person, a closed-minded sword.

“Fairly unemployed, lawless, wonderful problem-solving problem, causeless market affairs, unemployed”

Macau Hirosai Industrial profession, general service center, death Ichijo Takashi, Macau, employment, employment, welfare, intentional examination, searcher, April bottom, promulgation. In the second half of 2021, Hiroshi Jochu, Aya Nakasuke, after the work of the brand, 85.1% of the time, the current unemployment of the unemployed, the investigation line, etc. Concentrated work experience, work experience, and work skill.

Professor Lee Zhenkoku of the University of Macao.

The new road I searched for

The director of Macau Management Academy, the completion of the awarding of the life and the problem of sexual unemployment. Harmony small. “

“Yukoshi Castle City Economics irreversible irreversible leather, non-owned unemployed residents Tono, unemployed, unemployed, leaders, unemployed, unemployed, strict solution, vocational training, cooperation, etc. New vocational road on the street, unemployment, unemployment desire, new work itinerary for the sake of preparation. “

Statistically, the number of unemployed people in the beginning of 2022 was about 13,300, the increase was 14.7%, and the increase in the fourth season was 11.8%. .. At that time, the opening of the Hakusai industry was unprecedented. Bookmaker, Bookmaker March 2022 Before unemployment, Ota before unemployment, Hirosai, Hakusai Chusuke Sangyo Wadengyo.

Macau Management Academy Tang Dynasty Army

Job title

Legislative Council Public Administration Committee, May Calling Meeting, Declaration Completed Special Unemployment Information Beach.Wakamatsu, a small and medium-sized enterprise

“I have reached the end of my salary. “Resignation of firewood”, influence of retailers, etc. “

The government has already been unemployed, and the number of unemployed residents has been increased.

Neji 勞 Working Department Local 戸據, 5 months of seats, 4 lines of 4 business 舉 辦 辦 19th place employment distribution, 1st place owner invitation, 與 假 假 假 娛 樂 family collaboration in May, under the government’s hand line Employer service, our business cooperation 3,084 people’s hometown inhabitants’ work ”勞 Work contractor Ichijo Satoshi Nakasuke Zaru, middle volume 639 people resident decision

“Importing and allocating the amount of foreign land bureaucrats from the bureau, 3 ancestors of the hometown, enthusiastic and victorious business …”

Non-homeland Yozero hometown

“Increased number of unemployed people in the retail market, government-provided position of vacant scholarship”, approved by Representative Liang Son Asahi Hakuka Finance, Zero Song, Drinking, Standing Welfare, etc., Residents’ Inoculation Space for the Government of the Government.

Unprecedented health crisis in the history of self-destruction. Up to 167,738, non-technical members, 14%, up to 137,310, technical members, up 19.6%, up to 5,198. Construction business, education business, Japanese employees, 1% (29,696 people), 5.1% (3,030 people), 11.5% (3,004 people).

Legislative Parliamentary Vice-Minister, Merchant Choi Seping-speed, 關 Key 讓 讓 讓 們 們 們 “Keiko Keikei Katsuto” Government gang forced foreigners to leave National productive vigor, extremely urgent messenger company collapse, “and other existing primary legislative sessions.

Other controversy, bureau bureau scholarship, unemployed resident equipment reconciliation, immediate other overkill work 經 歷 wa kousho, good drum 勵 resident new work road adventure multi-skill. Ability to work, “Other work,” Shoujo Noboru Minwa Gaiji Ikuo Noma Equilibrium Health Exhibition. “

“My Hope Government, Macau, Macau, Macau, Macau, Macau, Macau, Macau, Macau, China”

Supplementary work

Professor Lee Zhenkoku of the University of Macao, “Reason”, “Reason”, “Relief, Employees, Employees, Employees, Employees, Employees, Employees, Employees,”

Salary May Preliminary estimate All-new industrial resources supplementary support, June to August, one unemployed person for the upper class 60 heavenly residents, one employee who is an employer, one person who can work June, Joint Confederation 19,968 Former assistance staff 12 months, 12 months of unemployment, unemployed employees, unemployed employees, etc.

Representative Macau Engineering Co., Ltd. Counselor Liang’s fee, this is a new assistant plan, which is recommended by the government, and is carried out without any treatment. This is a supplementary application for commercial water and electricity. ”.


Approved for application of Katsuya Kuni, Deputy General Manager of Macau China. Employer’s employer’s main invitation book. “

However. Small and medium-sized enterprises, but a wonderful painting emotional wave, Macau visa policy, Hiroshi Ayayuki, economic visa owner, Xu Ta enterprise visa incompetence.

Others: “My hopeful government, the economy of Macau, the economy of Macau, and the unprecedented devotion of Macau.”

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