Star Wars defended the cover of a special comic book to celebrate US LGBT Pride Month after being accused of making the franchise “political.”

The cover of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter # 24, created by artist Jan Bazaldua, features two female characters, partners T’onga and Losha.

In response to online Twitter users who accused the franchise of “making Star Wars political,” the official account defended the existence of a strange character.

“1. The existing queer character is not political,” he wrote.

“2. Star Wars is literally included in our name.”

LGBT Pride Month in the United States is from June 1st to June 30th.

The two companies behind the current Star Wars franchise, Lucasfilm and Marvel, have worked together to celebrate “time to focus on increasing, admiring and supporting the LGBTQIA + community around the world.”

As part of the 2022 celebration, Star Wars is exhibiting various covers of comic books, each created by LGBTQIA + artists and introducing LGBTQIA + characters in the Star Wars galaxy.

All covers also carry the classic Star Wars logo with rainbow bursts and rainbow trails.

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