As a TV viewer, I pride myself on not being shocked. As a Gogglebox fan, you don’t have to look for sex or violence yourself. Our editorial team provides it all. It ended up explaining to her mother why the woman was taking pictures of her under her skirt.

o I struggled quite a bit here. Not too surprised.However Head On: Rugby, Dementia, and Me (BBC2) was the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen on television. In it, Steve Thompson explained how his career as a rugby player brought him early-onset dementia.

Steve Thompson grew up in Northampton and had a difficult childhood. He found his family in rugby and was able to vent his anger and excel. He played for Northampton and was on the World Cup-winning England team in 2003, where he held his spot as a hooker in the middle of the front row of the scrum.He retired from rugby 11 years ago.

These days, he often forgets the names of his four children. He lost his job as a sort of communications officer because he couldn’t remember what he was supposed to say. Now he worries about what will happen to his family and what he says will be the cost of long-term care “later.” The show was filmed over a year. Steve was an excellent interviewee, even when his thoughts were getting mixed up in front of the camera. “Four years ago, some of my dearest memories began to fade,” he said.

He does not remember being present at the birth of his child. He doesn’t remember being in Australia for the World Cup. He doesn’t remember meeting the Queen when he received his MBE.


Steve Thompson celebrates winning the 2003 Rugby World Cup with England.Photo by Odd Andersen/Getty

Steve Thompson celebrates winning the 2003 Rugby World Cup with England.Photo by Odd Andersen/Getty

But it wasn’t this that shocked me. It wasn’t the scene when he met a neuropathologist who explained that CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is caused by the thousands of concussions and subconcussions experienced by rugby players. players have suffered head injuries,” said a congressman who was participating in a congressional inquiry into concussions in sports.

Steve walked down the hallway with a very tiny doctor (most of them were smaller than him) and was very calm, even as he looked at the brains in the trays. Regarding concussions and sub-concussions, he simply said that rugby players “can do 80,000 to 100,000 in our careers, with no rest in between.”

No, the shock set in when he began to describe how what he and his wife describe as his “poor head” was handled by rugby officials. Steve said brain damage happens “in training, not in the game”. For the front-row players, this meant training and straining “on a stationary machine.” After Steve did a scrum training on his machine like a steamroller, he would lose consciousness. However, after losing his consciousness, he lay on the ground for some time, doing further training on the same scrum his machine. This was the routine.

Meanwhile, players were getting healthier, faster and gaining muscle mass. Rugby fan and journalist Sam Peters began writing articles critical of the new administration.

Ten years ago, Peters published articles with headlines like “Midweek games are insane.” “That was ten years ago,” he said. “Unfortunately for rugby, a time bomb has exploded.”

There is little doubt that this scandal and the accompanying lawsuits will spell the end of rugby as we know it, both here and in the UK. I can’t say Too late for cannon fodder. “I don’t want other people to go through this because it’s shit.”

video of the day


Two Johnnies enjoying milkshakes in Texas.Photo by Hannah Devaney

Two Johnnies enjoying milkshakes in Texas.Photo by Hannah Devaney

Then there are the two Johnny’s who are fascinated by themselves The Two Johnny’s Do America (RTÉ2, Monday). They said they started in Mexico looking for material for a radio show. One Johnny said, “Nothing organized but crime.” You would have thought the same could be said of our dear homeland, but let’s forgive that.

The Johnnies say they are nervous about crossing the U.S. border, citing the fact that they are both white and nothing will go wrong, and the fact that people are dying trying to cross the same border. disrespected and ignored.

For the two Johnny’s, it was like walking into a nightclub, they said so.

The Two Johnny’s Do America fundamentally top gear in a small car. Nothing remarkable happens. It’s like watching someone’s holiday video. In fact, it is just that. The only funny thing was the scene where they acted out in a restaurant during an etiquette lesson in Dallas. Ant and Dec are different.

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