Steven Gerrard prides himself on winning a point against Manchester City after officials conceded that Aston Villa failed to call offside in a quick break before Philippe Coutinho fired a favorite-winner’s shot. He was filled with dissatisfaction with having fought back.

Losses in the first five Premier League games have created pressure to take charge of Liverpool’s great Villa Park.

Gerrard’s side were on a four-game losing streak early in the second half, with Erling Haaland scoring 10 goals in six appearances.

But Leon Bailey scored an impressive equalizer in front of Holte End to secure Villa a much-needed 1-1 draw.

“I think the players stuck with it,” Gerrard said. “I don’t think anyone gave me hope or a chance before the ball was kicked today.

“It was important to have faith and courage in the locker room because against City we needed faith and courage.

“I’m really happy with what the players gave me today, I’m proud of it and I don’t think anyone can be resentful for that, and that’s a big point.”

It was a good result that could have been better if there was no official to pull the trigger.

Philippe Coutinho struck 20 yards from under the bar, but referee Simon Hooper had already blown the whistle for offside, but replays showed the Brazilian was indeed onside in a build-up. Indicated.

Gerrard said it was a “legitimate goal” that was ruled out, and has since claimed officials recognized the offside decision was premature.

“After the game, I sat down and talked to the people involved,” Gerrard said. “I gave them enough time, so I asked their side.

“Listen, I always try to understand their side. But the referee blew the whistle too early.

“I know there is a slight rule change in terms of not waiting too long for these whistles and flags.

“But when something is really tight, I think it’s worth a little extra time and we certainly scored the second goal tonight.

“Obviously that moment and that decision was against us, but it’s fair play to those involved. They then recognized it in the room.”

City will kick themselves for failing to win at Villa Park given how well possession and chances they had and how well Haaland and De Bruyne worked together. right.

“(Their understanding) is good, but football is not just about one or two players,” said Pep Guardiola.

“The performance was good overall, better than the opponents from my point of view. I know you can’t expect

“It’s difficult, last season it was difficult away and at home. Today too.

“But unfortunately we didn’t score the goals to win the game because of the chances we created and the low number of goals we conceded and the great moments.”

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