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Wolf spiders (Zoropsis spinimana) are becoming more common in the Netherlands as temperatures rise, experts say.

Sightings of the spider, so called because of its resemblance to the wolf spider, more than doubled last year, from 225 to 500.

“It’s unclear how many wolf spiders actually lurk in and around the house,” said spider expert Jinze Nordijk. They are clearly here to stay.

Most sightings come from the southern part of the country, but Noordijk says they have been seen all over the country, with the inexplicable exception of Flevoland.

Spiders are common in southern Europe, but climate change has made the Netherlands an attractive place for spiders and dozens of insects. says Noordijk.

The black wolf spider is shy, but becomes aggressive when approached. Most spiders flee when approached, but wolf spiders attack. Its bite is like a bee sting. Nordike said.

The annual national spider count starting this weekend shows the most common spiders in the Netherlands.Last year, that title went to the garden spider (Araneus diadematus)

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