A Japanese restaurant in Singapore introduces a 4-day workweek system, raises wages by 10%, and solves the labor shortage

Photo: FB screengrab/Tenya Singapore

After changing the working system to a four-day work week, the Japanese restaurant Tenya Singapore was able to resolve the labor shortage and fill vacancies compared to zero applicants before the adjustment.

The food and beverage industry has been hit hard by labor shortages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving workers overworked while companies struggle to hire more workers. I was.

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K-Pop superstar Jackson Wang surprised fans as he cleared tables after eating at Changi Airport food court

Photo: Twitter screengrab/@hannahisvip

A video of K-pop superstar Jackson Wang following the rules of returning used trays and tableware in public dining halls after finishing a meal at Changi Airport made fans “fall in love” with the artist. .

After spending 12 days in Singapore, Wang left the country on Aug. 14 to another frenzy of fans waiting to see him off at the airport. However, his time in the departure hall only heightened the fans’ adoration of their idol.

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“Bus captain’s salary should be raised first” – Netizen on review of Singapore’s bus and train fare adjustment formula and mechanism

From Facebook: Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Movement

Bus and train fares seem to change again.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) has initiated a review of public transport fare adjustment formulas and mechanisms, with the goal of completing the review by the first half of 2023.

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A big fight breaks out outside Orchard Tower.Netizens say this is why Orchard his Towers bars and nightclubs are closed

Photo: IG screengrab/新加坡华人华语网 ,Sg Chinese Community.

A recent fight between at least two large groups brawling at the intersection of Claymore Drive and Claymore Road has been caught on camera and uploaded online.

Since it was posted on Sunday (August 14th), it has gone viral and has been viewed thousands of times.

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Another needy family in Singapore receives home makeover with public help and support

Photo: Courtesy of Caleb

Thanks to public support and donations, another disadvantaged Singaporean family has renovated their home.

In May of this year, Caleb and Rachael of smart click services, a renovation and construction company, launched a Kickstarter project to help families in Singapore who are in need of a home renovation.

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August 16th article, article you may have missed was first published in The Independent Singapore News – Breaking News

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