A 27-year-old girl is seeking a marriage of convenience to purchase HDB BTO and asks, “Will anyone be willing to participate in this ‘investment’ scheme?”

(Photo by Roman Pelosho/AFP)

A 27-year-old man who thought he had been duped by HDB’s BTO system was looking for a girl to “marry on paper” on social media.

In an anonymous post on the popular confession page SGWhispers entitled “HDB bTO Investment Plan,” the 27-year-old wrote: Each of us pays his 50% of his bto and intimate r/s is irrelevant.

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A man who tried to pay for kopi with two dime and other coins was denied and displayed a notice citing currency laws

A man trying to pay for coffee at a coffee shop was told that the establishment no longer accepts 5 cents.

Posting to public Facebook groups express a complaint, a man, a netizen named Martin Gabriel, wrote: I told the seller that another retailer gave me the coin. ”

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“Advertisement for $3,000 a month, 4 days a week job at Changi Airport is misleading” — Netizen

facebook-users-point-out-that-the-$3k/month-salary-recruitment-ad-targeted-at-malaysian-workers-for-4-days-work-week-job-at-changi-airport-is - misleading

A job advertisement was placed in a Malaysian newspaper, seeking a Malaysian worker with a monthly salary of RM10,000 (S$3,000) to work 4 days a week at Changi Airport in Singapore.

Some media outlets have reported that Changi Airport has posted job ads for Malaysian sales assistants and customer service specialists. According to the job advertisement, the interview will take place this Friday (August 19th) at a hotel in Johor Bahru.

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Woman asks how to deal with 40-year-old boyfriend with 20+ exes

Photo: freepik.com/tiracharz (for illustration purposes only)

A woman with a rather promiscuous partner took to social media to ask how she should deal with him.

In an anonymous post on popular confession page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that her 40-year-old boyfriend had had more than 20 relationships in the past. “I really hope he didn’t tell me about it,” the woman wrote.

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Dr. Qi — Politician, thinker, author, singer, and now fledgling restaurateur

It seems you need a stomach to win over voters. That’s what I thought while chatting with Dr Chee at her new Orange & Teal Express outlet in Marina Square. With his wife Mei in the background, Chi has unveiled a lineup of panitas, a cross between a panini and a pita bread.

Chee went on to explain that Panita means your little friend in Spanish and is a perfect name for his culinary creations. He described his cuisine as comfort his food and said you should try his smoked his salmon on pita bread his avacado.

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August 19th article, you may have missed it, first published in The Independent Singapore News – Latest breaking news

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