Originally Purchased for $500,000, HDB Flat Now Sells for Double the Price

Photo: Google Maps

Recently, the increase in multi-million dollar HDB flats has been in the news. It has been featured in Reuters articles published in various countries.

Shortages due to the Covid-19 pandemic have increased demand, which has led to higher prices.

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“Salary” is deducted from items in the intern’s break room. Ask, “Can the company deduct our salary?”

Photo: freepik/jcomp (for illustration purposes only)

A poster on the NUSWhispers page got a serious reality check after he whined about his pay being cut by $100 after he broke something at the company he was doing his internship with.

Simply put, the commentator bluntly said to the poster, “You broke the payment.”

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The CEO has faced backlash for saying that 22-year-old employees should work 18 hours a day for at least four to five years.

Photo: Screengrab from LinkedIn

The founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company recently posted online that he believes new hires should work 18-hour days for at least a few years.

But in this era of “quiet retirement” and work-life balance, CEOs were quickly roasted online and healthy. The backlash was so severe that he wrote his final LinkedIn post and said goodbye the next day.

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Karen’s Diner Singapore job audition: TikTokers say it’s more like Ah Lian’s Diner than Karen

IG Screengrab/Singapore Incident

Some people just can’t wait to eat, Karen’s Dineralso known as the rudest restaurant in the world.

After all, Singapore has no shortage of Karen people, as this Singapore incident photo shows.

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Customers Angry at Tampines Bakery for Using Only Sliced ​​Cheese for Birthday Cake Greetings

Photo: FB Screengrab/Complaint Singapore

A very disappointed customer alerted others on social media after discovering that the Prima Deli cake shop used sliced ​​cheese instead of chocolate as the background for the cake’s birthday greeting.

Added: A customer shared his encounter on Wednesday (August 31) in the Facebook group Complaint Singapore, noting that the store is located at 201B Tampines St 21.

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