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The customer states that the SGH food stall attendant refused to serve customers who had been in line for 10 minutes.Lots of food left but was told they were closed

Photo: Fb screengrab/complaintsingapore

A customer was extremely dissatisfied with i.Fish’s service at the Singapore General Hospital kopitiam — a female attendant claimed to have seen three customers in line for 10 minutes, including the unhappy customer herself. but did not tell them the stall was closed. .

The attendant refused to serve people in line and simply ignored their questions.

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“Everything we have achieved can easily be cluttered and lost…if the party does not row in the same direction in the public eye” — Pritam Singh told WP Youth Wing

Photo: FB Screengrab/Youth Workers Party (WPYW)

Labor Party Leader and Opposition Leader Pritam Singh spoke at the WP Youth Volunteer Town Hall on Saturday (3 September), paving the way for grounding and regularity in the party’s efforts to “speak the voice of the people of Singapore”. stressed the importance of effective outreach.

“It’s always eye-opening to hear young Singaporeans talk about issues they care about,” he wrote in a Sept. 4 Facebook post.

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Ang Mo international student claims the entire Singapore military is obsessed with her and says everyone here is on their knees for her

In a video that appeared to be a publicity stunt or attention-grabbing shout on social media, a female student participating in an exchange program said, “How I revealed that the entire Singapore military was obsessed with me.” I made a TikTok video titled

In the video, which was posted on Saturday (September 3) and has since been deleted, the woman begins by saying:

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Former international school teacher sentenced to five years in prison for having sex with 14-year-old girl

Former International School Teacher 5 Years in Prison for Sex and Dating 14-Year-Old Girl

A teacher asked a 14-year-old student to be his girlfriend. After the two had sex, the teacher told her girl it was “natural” and she gave her birth control pills to prevent pregnancy.

The accused, a 29-year-old man, pleaded guilty on August 5 to three charges of sexually assaulting a minor and was sentenced to five years in prison. The sentence also takes into account two of his other crimes.

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Hotel room prices in Singapore hit 10-year high.In the range of S$259 per night on average

Photo: freepik/katemangostar (description only)

Staycations in Singapore are getting more and more expensive, averaging S$259 per night.

Bloomberg reported on Monday (September 5) that hotel room rates in the country are now the most expensive in almost a decade.

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