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The end of the war in Ukraine cannot mean that Ukrainians have been forced to succumb to the invasion of Russia, NATO Prime Minister Jens Stortemberg said on Monday.

He told the newspaper Aftenposten that it was dangerous to blindly insist on the logic of seeing the West give Putin such an “exit ramp”.

“We are all responsible for finding a way to end the war, but that does not mean that we force Ukraine to succumb to the Russian invasion. First, we have such pressure. Second, we run the risk of rewarding the abuse of Russia’s power, “warned the Secretary-General of NATO.

Support Ukraine

He emphasized that the goal is to help Ukraine survive as an independent state.

“We support them with their self-defense, which is a right under the UN Convention. There are no regime change goals in Moscow or offensive goals against Russia,” Stoltemberg told Aftenposten. Told.

He added that people need to prepare for a protracted war for years at worst.

“The war is unpredictable, but the alternative is that it goes from a high-intensity war to a painful and lasting conflict of varying intensity. Forget that there has been a war in Donbus since 2014. It must not be, “said Stoltemberg.

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