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Information and communication technology (ICT), such as the Internet, is often thought of as removing national boundaries and leading us to an infinite world. But is that true? To investigate this question, a study written by Dr. Jun ZHANG, an assistant professor at City U’s Asian International Studies Division, is a technique among middle-class experts in urban China in the context of the recent Central American trade war. Nationalism is taken up as an entrance. .. Nationalism, as Benedict Anderson famously claims, is a form of identity built on the basis of an imaginary community within a bordered territory. Unlike many existing studies, this study does not see ICT as just a medium for expressing nationalism. Instead, we look at how ICT is intertwined in people’s daily lives, and how such intertwining shapes the “social-technical imagination” of their relationship with the country. Experts can understand ICT through theory, algorithms, and experiments. But when many ordinary people talk about ICT, they actually talk about things like smartphones and everyday habits such as ordering food and calling for cars through online platforms. This is a way of life that can be called a “platformized lifestyle.” This study is based on more than a decade of conversations with middle-class experts and observations of their lifestyle in the urban areas of the Pearl River Delta. It turns out that these middle-class experts are proud of their platformed lifestyle with their unique socio-technical features, high-end smartphones manufactured by Chinese companies, and the development of ICT by technology companies such as Huawei. increase. It will lead to sanctions on the government and thereby Huawei. For many experts, these achievements suggest that China has surpassed the reputation of sweatshop factories and is helping the rise of technology. This is very important for these professionals. They have benefited a lot, but … Source link

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