Health officials advised citizens suffering from mental health problems due to recent pandemic restrictions today (Saturday) to seek help as the number of suicides has increased compared to the previous year. The Department of Social Health is monitoring the situation, officials added.

Ray Weisen, a doctor at Conde, said: De Sao Januario Hospital at the daily COVID-19 press conference.

“Our society is under a lot of pressure because of the isolated period, including employment issues and even family conflicts,” Ray added.

Lei Wai Seng was answering a question from the public broadcaster TDM. This points to a total of 55 suicides since January, close to the 2021 full-year data (60).

According to official government statistics, the number of suicide deaths in the first quarter of this year reached 28, almost three times that of the same period in 2021 (10).

Dr. Rayweisen also said that the Department of Social Welfare “is closely monitoring these incidents” and that “isolated people are receiving psychological counseling.”

Macau, which has recorded about 80 COVID-19 infections since January 2020, suffered the worst outbreak since the outbreak of the pandemic in June, affecting 1,821 people, most of whom are asymptomatic and 6 people. It was COVID-19 positive. Dying, all of them are elderly people with chronic illness.

Authorities proclaimed a 12-day partial blockade as of July 11, after entering into mobility restrictions, the first immediate prevention with several high-volume trials.

The city is currently in an integration period and is expected to continue until Monday. After that, a two-day nucleic acid test drive (held this weekend) has been set to adopt a stabilization period starting August 2, taking into account zero infections in the community.

In Macau, we haven’t seen any new community cases for seven consecutive days.

Parks, gardens, trails and leisure areas were open to the public on Saturday.

People are still unable to practice “high-intensity sports” such as running and cycling, authorities warn, children’s playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment will remain closed.

Also, from today, the population can wear surgical masks outdoors. Until yesterday, all adults had to wear a “standard type KN95 or higher” mask.

Health Bureau director Alvis Lo said Friday that returning to normal before June 18 could become a reality as early as August 9 if the community’s zero-case aggregation continues.

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