Speaking to Frettablazis yesterday, meteorologist Sigurdur Þ. Ragnarsson announced that summer has come late in Iceland. According to Sigurður, good weather is expected in Iceland over the next few days and could last for weeks.

Warm weather could last for weeks

‘Summer is finally here’ Sigurdur Þ. Ragnarsson, better known as storm sandpiper, I made this declaration yesterday in an interview with Fréttablaðið. Despite last week’s warm weather in northern Iceland, this year’s summer received a generally lukewarm reception. However, according to Sigurður, the weather is expected to improve significantly in the coming weeks. warmth When Stationary Words that work.

“We’re seeing very warm air gathering in the upper atmosphere, especially in the north of the country, closer to eastern Greenland,” Sigurdur told Frettablazis. “This is unusually warm air for this time of year. There is also a pressure ridge forming over this trans-Atlantic country that, if all goes well, will push all cyclone systems southwards.” These two factors will bring warm, mild and dry weather across the country, which could last until mid-September.

Sigurður added that there are many “notable” and “exciting” developments on the horizon over the next few weeks. “Yes, you heard correctly: week. It’s tempting to say that summer is finally here, even though it’s Friday. “

Warm weather but no record heat

Warmer weather is expected over the next few weeks, but Sigurður tempered his expectations by warning Icelanders would not see record-breaking temperatures. Whenever warm air accumulates in the upper atmosphere, wind is needed to draw the heat down to the surface.

“This wind is not included in our forecasts, so we don’t expect it to drop the record, but it’s unseasonably warm weather.” It’s worth mentioning that cloud cover can be unpredictable at any time, especially with sea breezes,” Sigurdur observed, adding that the weather should start to improve over the weekend.

“I myself am on cloud nine with the prospect of an Indian summer coming, and the same in the metropolitan area. In fact, we will have this pleasant weather all over Iceland for about two weeks. This will also help extend the harvest season for berries and mushrooms, and may even extend the harvest season for potato fields.”

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