Broadcasters have announced that Sue Barker will retire as a presenter for the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage at the end of this year’s tournament 30 years later.

The 66-year-old, former winner of the French Open, said:

“I miss it terribly, but I feel it’s the right time for me 30 years from now. I worked with the best and the best.”

Barker was the last British woman to win the French Open in 1976.

Tim Davie, BBC Director, said: “Superker has been Wimbledon’s face and voice for thirty years.

“Many of our viewers don’t know the summer of SW19 without her. She’s a perfect professional, a great presenter, a great colleague, and our current and former player, the BBC. It is loved by everyone and the audience in the UK and abroad.

Barker (PA) played at Wimbledon in 1980

“Her contributions to paving the way for women in tennis, the BBC, sports announcements, and broadcasts cannot be exaggerated. With all the style, warmth, and knowledge she has shown over the last three decades, she We look forward to leading our coverage. At the end of the tournament, we wholeheartedly say goodbye. “

Barbara Slater, Director of BBC Sport, said:

Interview with Novak Djokovic (PA) after Sue Barker wins the championship in 2018

“Of course, we respect her decision and understand why she’s ready to finish this year after 30 years of major presentations at Wimbledon. Sue is really extraordinary. I am grateful to have made a great contribution to sports broadcasting in my illustrious career.

“Sue, the perfect professional whose audience remembers her skills, authority and warmth on the screen, is equally remembered and staged by the love and affection of her colleagues who had the privilege of working with her. Experience the same professionalism and warmth behind the scenes. “

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