According to the Macau Daily, supermarket chains San Miu and Royal apologize for the widespread controversy over the topic of vegetable and fruit price increases in internet posts, and the incident was due to “employee surveillance.” I explained that there is.

According to a Facebook post released yesterday (Sunday), San Miu Supermarket sells Bukchoi (white vegetables) for about MOP100 (US $ 12.4), and some residents have four Royal Supermarket Zespri Gold Kiwifruit. I posted online that it sells at a high price. MOP209.

These price increases have caused the SAR government to suspend all commercial and industrial operations from July 11th to July 18th, except for those deemed essential to maintaining the normal operation of society. Discovered after ordering to do the day before. Includes supermarkets, restaurants and healthcare facilities.

According to the Macao Daily News, San Miu Supermarket said that after discussions with frontline workers, the price increase was caused by “mistakes made by employees when they were in a hurry.”

“During the pandemic, all industries are facing challenges, and supermarkets are also under considerable pressure in terms of staffing, supply and transportation,” a local supermarket added in a press release.

On the other hand, Royal Supermarket sells high-priced kiwifruit, and the clerk told me that it was caused by “temporary mistakes of frontline workers”. rice field.

According to the supermarket, employees mistakenly put the price tag of the previous special sale gold kiwifruit package (which was the price of MOP 209 in 22 boxes) on the cover of the four gold kiwifruit packages.

“The company immediately processed the wrong price tag and urged all frontline employees to pay attention,” the Royal Supermarket said in a press release. We will continue to do our best to prevent similar incidents. “

In 2020, the Macau Consumer Council (CC) has filed several complaints from residents about the price increases seen in Royal Supermarkets after the start of the 2020 Electronic Consumer Voucher Round, as the Royal Supermarket Chain’s “Certified Store Quality”. The certification as “symbol” has been revoked.

Royal Supermarket management publicly announced an apology after the quality symbol was revoked, expressing a “sincere apology” and then promising a better “price verification”.

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