Ribbons available in different parts of the island can be used to show support for the Cup Match team while supporting good reason in the Family Center Cup Match Ribbon campaign.

A spokeswoman said: “Family Center launches Cup Match Tag Day 2022 campaign this week. This is Family Center’s main fundraiser this year. The funds raised will be provided free of charge to children, teens and their families. We support important treatment counseling services and community outreach programs such as Youth Leadership Academy, Beyond Rugby Bermuda, Beyond Yoga Bermuda.

“Communities are encouraged to donate to the Family Center, a charity registered in Bermuda. [#378], And get your cup match ribbon in the color of your favorite team. Your donations are important to maintain their programs and services that provide a safe and therapeutic space for healing and empowerment so that children and families can prosper.

“Ribbons are now available in different parts of the island. To avoid disappointment, we recommend getting them before the holidays. Family Center Tag Day is Wednesday, July 27th. It would be held.

Dr. Sandy De Silva, Executive Director of the Family Center, explains: Unique to Family Center’s therapeutic counseling services and community engagement programs is our wraparound, holistic approach to children and teens experiencing social and emotional challenges. .. Sadly, the last two and a half years have had a significant negative impact on the mental health of children, teens and families around the world. COVID-19 caused a mental health pandemic. “

Clarien Bank is a corporate sponsor of Family Center Cup Match Tag Day.

“This is the 21st consecutive year of Clarien Banks sponsoring this important fundraiser for the Family Center. We are indispensable for raising the funds needed to support our families, this powerful and powerful. We are very proud of our unwavering partnership, ”said Tania Redman, Director of Relationship Development at the Family Center.

Michael DeCouto of EVP, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Clarie Bank, said: A long-standing partnership with the Family Center is one example, where providing time and resources each year can make a concrete difference in the lives of young people and families in Bermuda.

“For Cupmatch holidays, we encourage our clients, staff, and the wider community to support Family Center Tag Day. This is a great way to support your favorite red-blue or blue-blue team. Not only is it an opportunity, but it’s also a small thing we can all do to strengthen our families and make our island homes a happier, healthier and safer place. “

Susan Richardson, Director of Counseling Services at the Family Center, said:

“In 2022, there are more and more calls for help. Children and teens are experiencing fear, confusion, anxiety, depression, anger and sadness, and some are thinking of hurting themselves. If so, some have already done so. Our service is in demand, we remain accessible and promise to support everyone in need of our assistance. “

Raylawdson, Director of Community Services at the Family Center, reports: Our community programs (Youth Leadership Academy, Beyond Rugby Bermuda, Beyond Yoga Bermuda) aim to mitigate the negative effects of these stressors by recognizing, leveraging and strengthening the strengths of young people.

“These programs promote positive outcomes for young people by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships and providing the support needed to build strengths. Our community programs are dangerous. Promote youth mental health and well-being by reducing factors and strengthening protective factors for their lives. These factors overcome adversity, show resilience, and believe in a positive future. It is very important because it directly affects the abilities of young people. “


“The Family Center remains unwavering in its commitment to children, teens and their families, who receive the support and treatment tools they need to work towards a brighter future,” Dr. DeSilva added. I am. “The Cupmatch celebrates the end of slavery in Bermuda and also celebrates Mary Prince, who played an important role in the abolition of slavery throughout the British colony.

“The Family Center is honored to continue to preserve the Tag Day tradition the day before these important historic celebrations. The Family Center plays our part in the overall well-being of our community. We are honored to be able to maintain our treatment programs and services only through the generosity of our communities and our donors. “

A spokeswoman said: “Supporting Family Center Cup Match Tag Day fundraising can make a difference in your child’s life. Whether the ribbon you choose is St. George’s or Somerset, your support is in Bermuda. Means the family wins. Family Center ribbons are currently available at:

  • 27th century boutique
  • AF Smith
  • Accessory box
  • Allure Salon
  • Bell Salon
  • brewing
  • Dockyard pastry shop
  • Esso 24/7 City Center
  • EssoBIU gas station
  • Esso Warwick
  • Esso Port Royal
  • Esso St. George
  • Gothlings – Earl of Dundonald Street
  • Gosling’s – Front Street
  • How That
  • Island cuisine
  • Jazzy boutique
  • Mailbox
  • Makin Waves – Shipyard
  • Makin Wave – Hamilton
  • Orchid nail salon
  • RUBiS Boaz Island
  • RUBiS East Broadway
  • RUBiS Terceira North Shore
  • RUBiS Paget
  • RUBiS Warwick
  • Salon pink
  • Specialty Inn
  • Stationery store
  • Tabs
  • feast
  • Tuck shop
  • Village pantry

Visit the Family Center website at https://www.tfc.bm/cupmatch to learn more about Cupmatch Tag Day activities and how they can help strengthen your family in Bermuda. We wish you a safe and enjoyable Cup Match Holiday. “

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Visit our website, BernewsCupMatch.com, for extensive coverage of Cupmatch over a decade. This is the island’s most comprehensive resource for Cupmatch holidays.


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