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The parents of their newborn son were shocked to see CCTV footage of a housekeeper abusing their child.

The family also found hundreds of pills in the helper’s drawer.

Lin told a Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily They hired a 27-year-old helper from Myanmar in August 2021.

She was initially good at her job and had a good demeanor.

But Lin saw CCTV footage of a caregiver slapping his son on the head as he cried.

The employer did not punish the woman for what happened, but reminded her of her responsibility to care for the infant.

Two months later, I witnessed a helper grabbing my arm and dragging my child across the crib.

The couple looked at CCTV footage again this year after noticing that their son had stopped gaining weight.

They saw a helper opening a cabinet to take out pills while their son was eating.

After walking towards the camera’s blind spot, the woman supposedly mixed the pills into the milk and shook the bottle.

“The blood test results were fine, but he was much thinner than other children his age, and I was worried that his development would be affected.

When the incident happened on May 12, the parents called the police.

Upon investigation, the helper admitted to putting panadol in her milk and said it wasn’t the first time she had done so.

She also claimed to have put an appetite stimulant from her country into her drink.

Mrs. Lin was reported to have found hundreds of pills in a helper’s drawer, some dating back to last August.

They initially thought that Panadol and flu and cough medicines were for women when they were not feeling well.

They never thought the pills would be used to spike their son’s milk.

The family will then hire a new helper and monitor it more closely.

The incident is currently under investigation by the police.

In response to the incident, the parents admitted that they never felt uneasy leaving their young children in the care of a housekeeper.

“When my kids were little, I didn’t believe a maid would take care of them,” said Facebook user William Lim, while another parent said the incident made her “want to let maids take care of their children.” There was no reason,” he said. ”

Another netizen, JereMe Lim, pointed out that parents should take baby care seriously. “I left both my children in the orphanage when they were 4 months old. The experience was amazing, the teachers were great and the children were happy.”

“They were able to start interacting with other children from an early age. They are not 100% abused, but at least they are less at risk of being abused,” the parent explained. did. /TISG

Child abuse in Singapore continues to rise after hitting record numbers in the decade of 2020.majority neglect

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