A man in his early twenties has been detained by police until July 1 on suspicion of killing his neighbor. The suspect and victim had nothing to do with each other except that they lived in the same triplex at Balzavogle 22 in eastern Reykjavik. Victims are believed to have died from head injuries caused by hammers and blunt instruments.

Last Saturday night, police in the metropolitan area received a call about an unconscious man on Balza Bogle Street. The man was found lying outside his home with a serious head injury, and efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. His neighbor was arrested shortly after on suspicion of manslaughter. The victim was born in 1975 and the suspect was born in 2001.

Police said the investigation was proceeding smoothly. They gather evidence on the scene, identify witnesses, cross-examine suspects who did not resist arrest and did not sue for his detention.

The suspect and the victim are believed to have begun discussions in the victim’s house that the suspect hit his head. The man is believed to have subsequently fled to the yard, where he is believed to have died of an injury.

Police were called to the same location last Friday, the day before the incident, according to RÚV sources. Triplex’s third neighbor landed in a discussion with the suspect, both blaming each other for physical assault. However, neither was forced to accuse, and police said it would have been beyond their authority to arrest the suspects at the time.

The post suspected of killing a neighbor in Reykjavik was first published in the Island Review.

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