Rudolph Armand Show

(CNS): According to Jamaican police, the man rounded up by RCIPS last Friday is considered St. Catherine’s most sought after criminal. Rudolf Armand Shaw (30), also known as “Boxer” or “Boxer,” was arrested in Grand Cayman after fleeing Jamaica in a canoe. He was tracked in Georgetown with the help of Jamaican law enforcement agencies and said they warned RCIPS that he was in Cayman. The show is sought after in connection with multiple murders and shootings in St. Catherine and Spanish Town. He was with another man when the show was captured last week. The man avoids the police and continues to flee.

Shaw remains indicted and detained locally for immigration crimes. When he appeared in court on Tuesday and the period during which he could be detained without being charged expired, it was clear that RCIPS had to almost let him go because he had not been charged with a crime. Became. Cayman Compass reported that police officers were unable to contact the immigration officers involved in the operation to accuse the show of illegal landings.

Prathna Bodden, Shaw’s leading local defense lawyer, said police were facing a potential tort situation and had to release him. However, they soon re-arrested him on suspicion of minor drugs.

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