Members of Swan’s Running Club recently participated in the annual AJC Peach Tree 10k Race in Atlanta.

Swan’s has a more than 30-year relationship with the Atlanta Track Club, and through this long-term relationship, many Atlanta runners come to Bermuda to attend the January Bermuda Marathon weekend.

Matthew Vinnie finished in 1,878 overall with a time of 48:42, Vinnie was the 1,543th male runner and 211th in the group of men aged 30-34.

Calvin Steed set a time of 59:01 and finished in 6,433th place overall. He was the 4,670th male runner and 1,960th in the male master category. Clocking 1:00:35 Mark Albuy finished in 7,349th place, was a male runner in 5,227th place, and was 2,257th in the male master category.

Gina Jones recorded a time of 1:02:33 and Chemda Bean recorded a time of 1:13:14. Kathy Simmons was just behind at 1:13:18 and Sarah Barber crossed the line at 1:15:21.

Stephen Barber had a time of 1:15:22, but Al Jean Mayberry was timed across the line at a time of 1:17:15, and Marlas Smith with Keith Smith who had the same time. I clocked 1:17:26.

Zylah Bean recorded a time of 1:19:39, Katina Wilson recorded a time of 1:44:03, and Donna Mae Arorash recorded a time of 1:44:03.

Quinton Arorush crossed the line at 1:49:24, Edwina Arorush set a time of 1:50:25, Priscilla Ogamba set a time of 2:04:57, and Karen. Perrin Chief set a time of 2:15:47.

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